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Menopause and Skin Changes

menopause skinA time of significant change for women’s bodies, approaching menopause can be daunting. As a new era of a woman’s life, menopause alters the body biologically and can cause a number of changes. Understandably, as women prepare for menopause, it’s normal for anxieties and concerns to increase. 

If you’re of a perimenopausal age and your worries are starting to kick in, don’t worry you’re not alone. 

British Women Are Concerned About Menopause and Skin

In a recent survey, data revealed that 71.5% of women aged 45-54 and 51% of all women aged 45+ are most worried about menopause negatively affecting their skin and rightly so. As estrogen levels plummet during menopause, your skin can take the hit. Fewer hormones and an increased imbalance mean that the skin can become dry, thin and more acne-prone.  

Topical CBD products like our face cream offer anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe stressed skin caused by menopause. Paired with other active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, the cream can help restore hydration that the hormonal balance causes. 

Try our full range of CBD skincare products and see how it can support stressed skin.

Other Concerns About The Menopause


Percentage of Participants Concerned

Weight Gain


Hot Flashes, Including Red Skin


Night Sweats


Sleep Problems


Mood Changes



Unfortunately, changes to the skin are not the only negative effects menopause can have on the body. Research showed that other big concerns participants had about changes to the body were weight gain, at 53.7%, hot flashes, at 50.7% and night sweats at 49.1%.

Almost half [47%] of participants revealed that they are worried about sleep problems and mood changes during menopause. Luckily, research suggests that CBD can be a great non-intoxicating sleep aid as it can help increase anandamide levels. The low estrogen levels that menopause causes can have a domino effect on the well-being of the body. CBD can help supplement these drops in hormone levels to balance out moods and improve sleep and mood.

As research increases, more links are being made between CBD and the improvement of menopause symptoms in the body. If you’re growing more concerned about the negative effects menopause may have on your body, read further about how CBD may be able to help menstrual symptoms.

If you're looking for additional support with menopause symptoms, check out our menopause support patches.




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