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Sound Therapy

If we strip everything back, and back and back again, right down to its bare essence, there’s one thing Quantum Physics keeps showing us.

Everything is made up of vibrations.

You, me, the plant kingdom, the kitchen table. We are all made up of vibrations, interacting with each other at a molecular level as a symphony when our energy is flowing positively, as it should be. With this in mind, the mechanics behind sound therapy – a form of healing through music and sounds, believed to improve mental and physical wellbeing – becomes very, very interesting indeed.

Sound healing, at its finest, uses sound frequencies to interact with energy frequencies (like the ones we are made up of) with a view to rebalance the body. Much like how CBD and the other cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant work to restore equilibrium. The effect can be incredibly powerful, from potentially helping to ease and redirect physical ailments to re-setting an anxious or sleep-deprived mind.

We’ve all experienced the effect that different music and sounds can have on our conscious moods - from energising, to soothing, uplifting or even agitating. There are many theories about how sound therapy might work on the mind and body on deeper levels too, but one way of looking at the impact sound can have on you is to look at how sound impacts water. 

Just by placing a bowl of water next to a speaker you’ll see ripples forming, pulsating and changing along with the vibrations. Now, remember the earth’s surface is covered in around 71% water and the human body is around 60% water. Suddenly the therapeutic potential of sound makes an awful lot of sense.

The beauty of this is that something as simple as sound might just be a potent therapy for the mind, body and soul that we can all benefit from. And as well as taking time to try out thoughtfully composed sound therapy, like the tracks we have created here at KLORIS for you to listen to, it’s well worth considering the impact of words too. Everything you say, not just to others but to yourself, could literally be changing the structure of yours (and the world’s) energy – for better and for worse.

While in lockdown, we are presented with the perfect opportunity to not only become aware of the strength our own voices hold, but to become conscious of what we are doing with them. Internally as much as externally, because our outward behaviour is almost always a reflection of what is going on within. 

Using the latest addition to the KLORIS soundscapes as your guide, you can journey through field recordings, nature, grounding, sound bathing and meditative sounds for a full 60 minutes and enjoy a complete detachment from worry. In this, you can bring yourself into the now, to experience a reattachment with oneself. 

Our mindful sonics are custom made by KLORIS to soothe the soul. In this place of peace and presence, you can begin to listen out for your ‘self talk’ and any negative things you are quietly saying to yourself. In amongst the noise of our day to day lives, it can be hard to notice the harsh words we use when we talk to ourselves and the lies we have come to believe are truths about self-worth, reason for being, self-esteem and more. But once you catch them, you are offered the opportunity to change the script and change the sounds you put into yourself and out into the world.

The practice of sound bathing, becoming immersed in therapeutic sound, has been used by cultures across the globe for thousands of years for physical, emotional and spiritual progression. And, although a little different from being fully enveloped in the vibrations of singing bowls and gongs, we hope our sound therapy recordings will help you to align your mind and body and reconnect with true essence of being. To ease indoor-bound people in isolation. To regain, to regale and to be in touch with the natural outside and earth, through sound, once again.



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