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KLORIS CBD formulations explained

Why we like our CBD simple, pure and versatile

Our goal at KLORIS is to produce the most effective and natural CBD products that are a real benefit to you and are responsibly made. Products that fit easily into your lifestyle, that you'll enjoy using and which are kind to the planet.

That's why when we develop our award winning products we always keep versatility in mind. We want you to be able to easily incorporate them into your favourite routines in the way that suits you.

Our formulation process begins with thinking about the main reasons people use CBD. The top three are anxiety, sleep and pain/recovery. We then consider how this product will help, and the different ways people might want to utilise it.

CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops, or tinctures as they are sometimes (incorrectly) called are one of most well known ways to take CBD.

There are CBD oil products on the market with many different strengths, carrier oils, flavours and additives. Sometimes this is to target specific uses, other times to mask the flavour of sub-standard ingredients or to make the product stand out on the shelf.

KLORIS CBD oil drops come with nothing added - only the highest quality CBD combined with organic MCT oil to dilute it to the correct strength - either 5% or 10%.

Why? So that the choice is yours.

Whether you want to take a few drops under your tongue or add them to your smoothie, our drops will work great. Perhaps you’d like to take them with your favourite turmeric supplement or maybe blend them into a bulletproof coffee. No problem. You can personalise them as you wish.

MCT oil is not only neutral tasting, but is also one of the most efficient ways to get CBD into your body and combines evenly with CBD to ensure consistent dosage.

Our high quality CBD extract has a pleasant light woody/grassy flavour - we don’t mask the natural terpenes (aroma and taste molecules) of the plant because these have been shown to play an important beneficial role, including through the entourage effect. If you prefer a different taste profile though you can easily get this by mixing with other ingredients.

This a purposeful part of the design, to make our CBD oil drops as versatile and useful as possible, not a one-trick-pony. Carry one bottle, use it how, when and as you need it.

After all, what if you want a restful sleep but can only find your zingy-gingery-caffeine-rocket-fuel CBD bottle. Or you are about to tackle a difficult conversation and need to be focused and calm but only have your lavender blissed-out-fairy-dust drops to hand. Not ideal and let's face it - life is complicated enough.

Here are some simple examples of ways you can personalise your KLORIS CBD experience. No need for a zillion different CBD bottles!

  • Have with your coffee in the morning for that much needed wake up call. Best taken as drops under the tongue either before or after your coffee, but can also be blended with a milky coffee like a cappuccino or even a bulletproof coffee. CBD isn’t water soluble so it won’t mix with black coffee!
  • Combine with turmeric and your favourite smoothie ingredients to help inflamed joints, muscles aches and promote post-training recovery.
  • Take just before slipping into a magnesium or lavender bath to unwind from a busy day.
  • Use at night with a cup of calming camomile tea to ease yourself off to a restful sleep.

CBD Balm

This same philosophy applies to our CBD balms - and as a consequence our balm range has some of the hardest working formulations available. The balms can be simply rubbed on the skin, used for a luxurious massage or even applied as a lip balm. 

We add no colourants or fragrances to our CBD balms. This minimises the risk of irritation, allows the natural hemp terpenes to play their important role and gives our balms a natural cut-grass/woody aroma.

This is vital because the therapeutic benefits of terpenes are numerous and it would be doing the plant a disservice to cover them up with other scents, be they natural or synthetic. 

In the same way aromatherapy works, inhaling the scent of certain natural terpenes has been associated with a boost in emotional well-being and we want to preserve that in the product.

Thanks to a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence, CBD is fast becoming a superstar cosmetic ingredient. 

Research has been demonstrating CBD’s benefits for many skin types, including those at opposite ends of the spectrum, such as acne sufferers who need oil production management and those looking for a positive effect on ageing and mature skins.

Read more about the studies over at The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

CBD Face Oil

This knowledge led to the development of our highly coveted face oil. Again we applied our philosophy of versatility and simplicity. 

After many meetings with dermatologists and facialists it became clear - perfumed, coloured and overly fussy formulations are a big no-no when it comes to high performance skin care, and essential oils can have negative effects on many skin types.

That’s why our CBD Superboost Face Oil contains four natural, skin-loving phytonutrients including a potent dose of 2% CBD (or 2mg per drop), and absolutely nothing else.

This makes it one of the most versatile and powerful beauty oils around, one that can be easily added to an existing routine, or combined with your other favourite products.

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Some of our favourite uses of this multi-functional face oil include:

  • Layering on top of other skincare actives (such as Retinol and Vitamin C) to minimise irritation
  • Using with a face tool for facial massage such as lymphatic and facial yoga, or Gua Sha.
  • (Check out our posts with Luminous Facial Yoga & British Vogue to find out more).
  • Applying before your usual moisturiser
  • Using daily to optimise skin barrier function from stressors like pollution and changing weather / temperature conditions (heating/air con etc)



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